Scamming Employers

It isn’t as easy as one would think, to just go back to work. It has been nine long years since I held down a job of any kind. I thought it wasn’t going to be any big deal to return to full-time employment. However, it is tough, I am exhausted. I did not expect to be so tired, either.

I got a job at Cypress Bay Solutions, and was thrilled to return to work. I sat through their unpaid training and was all geared up for my first appointment. It seemed obvious to me that my team leader hadn’t even called the business. I was told that I wasn’t going to have sell anything, but that is what they had me doing. I thought I could stick with it maybe I would be good at it. I returned Monday for my next lead and this was just a joke. The first lead wasn’t in control of the decision to buy POS systems (that is what they sell). So that was a bust, and if the team leader would have done his job, he would have saved me the time + gas (I live 35 miles outside of town). The second appointment was even worse, the business only does ecommerce so they had no need for any POS system. I was starting to get irritated by now.

The third, and final appointment was at a steakburger chain. The person I was told to meet with doesn’t even work there, they don’t even have a Wade on the payroll! So I call the office from my car to tell my team leader that this is ridiculous, but someone else answered. He told me that these businesses were lying to me. I can’t believe I wasted so much time and gas for them. I also was told that I was going to get a “good start sign on bonus” but that never happened either. They even sent me to another appointment that day to an address for a business that doesn’t exist.

So, I must warn anyone thinking of accepting a job offer from this company because as most of the reviews will tell you, the job is bogus. I put in the work. They lied from the beginning about what I was going to be doing and they didn’t ever even pay me. I emailed my team leader about the situation because by that point I was out of gas and money. I asked him for an advance on my first check or that good start sign on bonus. Like everything else, Rodney didn’t ever even try to get back to me.

AVOID CYPRESS BAY SOLUTIONS!! I mean, unless you enjoy running around wasting time on your own dime.

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